I-49 route through Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.
I-49 route from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans, LA.
Petition to Support Construction and Completion
of Interstate 49 from Canada to the Gulf Coast

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March 11, 2014 marked the fourth anniversary of the I-49 petition launch. To date we have 1,600 petition signatures
and 1,164 friends on Facebook. Thank you for sharing this information with friends and family members. We must
continue the momentum of collecting signatures and support to show federal officials as we pursue funding to build the road.

Click here to see progress photos of I-49 construction in Chaffee Crossing, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Signatures on the petition are ranging from as far away as Sioux City, Iowa; Lees Summit, MO; Metairie, LA and Boyce, LA. It is
important to show elected officials that many people want to see I-49 completed for economic development, tourism,
transportation efficiency and safer travel in general. The benefits to our national economy are too numerous to mention!

Please continue to encourage others to sign the petition and forward it to their friends.
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and important updates.

The goal of this effort is to impress upon elected and appointed officials the importance of the completion of Interstate 49
and the impact it will have on the local, state and national economy. We also want to demonstrate that the entire region
is working together to ensure the completion of this project. As strategic opportunities arise, a list of those who have signed
this petition will be presented to the appropriate officials for the sole purpose of seeking support and funding for completion
of the I-49 Interstate. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone or used for any reason other than support
for and communication about the Interstate 49 effort.

Interstate 49 is 80% complete! Of the remaining 20%, 
5% is under construction and 15% needs funding. 


What can you do to make Federal Highway Administration officials
and Arkansas State Highway Commissioners aware of the importance
of completing I-49?

1. Sign the petition below.

2. Share the address of this site with as many people as possible.
       This initiative should be of extreme interest to people working in the transportation, logistics,
        warehousing, manufacturing, 
consumer goods and tourism industries because it directly affects
        pricing and profitability. 

3. Print the petition forms and collect signatures
Click here to print a PDF version of the petition form
Fax printed forms to:

Call, write and email your Senators, Congressmen and State Highway Commissioners! 
        Tell them this issue is VERY important to our local, state and national economy.  


Thank you for your support!
Together we will find a way to


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